The Importance of Conditioner

The Importance of Conditioner

Have you ever questioned why you always condition your hair after shampooing? We, without fail and without thought, always tend to condition our hair and if you're curious as to why shampoo opens up your hair cuticle to allow deep cleansing.

Using conditioner after you shampoo seals it back up which locks in nutrients and makes your hair look shiny and smooth again.

Conditioner benefits both the appearance and health of your hair. Smoother hair strands help prevent static and split-ends, making your hair easier to style. As conditioner seals your hair cuticle the nutrients are locked in and the nasties are locked out, strengthening your hair shaft and preventing breakage.

Choosing the right conditioner for your hair type is just as important as using conditioner in the first place. You can shop the range of JUSTICE Professional Shampoo and Conditioner products below.


Cool Mint Shampoo

JUSTICE Professional Cool Mint Shampoo naturally restores body and shine while stimulation the scalp to promote hair growth. Cool Mint also comes in a bulk 1L size.


Scalp Treatment Shampoo

JUSTICE Professional Scalp Treatment Shampoo combines cleansing and moisturising agent Pro-Vitamin B5 to leave the hair full of shine with an effective anti-dandruff treatment. You can also get Scalp Treatment in the 1L size.


Platinum Conditioning Shampoo

JUSTICE Professional Platinum Conditioning Shampoo energises hair with active botanicals to improve the quality and condition of the hair. You can also shop our Platinum Conditioning Shampoo in a 700ml size.


Perfect Violet Shampoo

JUSTICE Professional Perfect Violet Shampoo removes unwanted brassy tones and camouflages, cleans and brightens grey, blonde and silver hair. Shop Perfect Violet Shampoo 1L.

Cool Mint Conditioner

JUSTICE Professional Cool Mint Conditioner is a scalp treatment that corrects oil glands and stimulates circulation to boost hair growth with a fresh, cool feel. Shop the 1L Cool Mint Conditioner.

Platinum Repairing Conditioner

JUSTICE Professional Platinum Repairing Conditioner energises hair with active botanicals to improve the quality and condition of the hair. You can also shop the 700ml size here.

Treatment Conditioner

JUSTICE Professional Treatment Conditioner is a weightless everyday treatment conditioner that adds strength and returns moisture back into the hair. Shop the 1L Treatment Conditioner.

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