The $23 hair treatment that rivals Olaplex and K18

The $23 hair treatment that rivals Olaplex and K18

If you have hair on your head, chances are you'll be familiar with cult brands Olaplex and K18. In recent years, they've become big players in the hair treatment world for their ability to repair damaged strands and make hair strong, smoother and healthier. Which is very exciting time because a.) going to the hairdressers can be expensive and b.) being at home is amazing.

The catch? At around $50 a pop, they're not exactly the cheapest hair products.

But I've come bearing some very good news. Because as it turns out, our very own Leigh Campbell has discovered a dupe for these cult favourite hair treatments - and it costs less than half the price.

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It's called Justice Haircare 10 Second Hair Miracle and it may just be the answer to all your hair woes.

And at a very attractive $22.95, it's a good bit cheaper than cult brands like Olaplex and K18 - and it's supposed to be just as good. We love to see it.

On a recent episode of You Beauty podcast, Leigh told co-host Kelly McCarren: "It comes in a big bottle, feels like water (it's very liquid-y) and is $22.95 - but you can buy them in three packs because I think people must just love them." 

"You shampoo and conditioner and then use this. I just shampooed and then used this the first time and it was great, but then I followed the real instructions and it was even better. It's actually more of a serum in reality, but it feels very liquid-y in the bottle. I poured it in my hand and it instantly goes warm. I flipped my head upside down and you basically just smoosh it all through your scalp, work it through your hair, then rinse."

She continued: "It improves elasticity and repairs damaged hair - the heat action opens the hair shaft and gets the goodness in. The scalp just feels like it's had a peppermint vitamin. It's so good for frizz. Your hair feels strong, shiny, healthy. It's amazing. There's really good reviews online - someone says can compare easily to the K18 treatment."

"It's really unusual because I feel like most products like that are harder to use - I literally keep it in for maybe 20 seconds. It's so unusual. It's fantastic for frizz, hydrating, repairing. It's bloody excellent."

Where do I sign up?

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I had a nosey around the review section on the site, and can confirm, the people love it. And I'm almost mad at myself for not trying it before. There's around eleven million five star reviews on the site, with people touting the product for how easy it is to use and it's ability to get rid of frizz, smooth hair and level up the shine.

While I haven't tried the Justice 10 Second Hair Miracle just yet (don't worry, I've already bought it), I have tried popular Olaplex dupes such as REVOLUTION HAIRCARE Hair Plex 3 Bond Restore Treatment, $20, NAK Hair Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer, $19.95, and Goldwell Dualsenses Bond Pro 60s Treatment, $36 - these are all very good options, especially for coloured or damaged hair (I'm a big fan of heat tools - my hair is.... not).

However, the one thing that's really appealing about Justice's version (apart from the very nice price) is the fact that it literally takes 10 seconds to work. Ten seconds. And I'm a sucker for instant results. 

There's no 10-minute in-shower wait. No getting out of the shower and hopping back in to rinse it out (who has time for that? Not me). No fuss.

The fact that you can pop it in, as you would conditioner, and rinse it out pretty much immediately, without having to mess around is just a very good time for lazy girls like me. Because I'm one of those people who tend to skip hair treatments and masks for the very purpose of them being too much of a commitment.

So, there you have it. If you're someone with heat damaged hair or coloured hair and you've been looking for an affordable hair treatment that works (and doesn't take forever to work), this could be one for you! And look, if Leigh Campbell says it's good...

Feature image: Instagram/@leighacampbell, Instagram/@justice_professional/@aydenandaniqa, Canva.

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