Your hair needs a little more tender loving care in the cooler months. Dry scalp, dullness and frizz are common concerns we encounter as we transition from Summer to Autumn. 

And although we swear we do our best to protect our hair from the sun and saltwater during Summer, it’s hard to make it through beach and pool weather without any damage! Autumn is the perfect reason to get your hair’s health back on track.

Here are our top hair care tips to keep your hair lush throughout the cooler months.

How do you get healthy hair back after spending long days in the sun, saltwater, and chlorinated water during summer? Is a fresh new Style Cut or trim the best solution? 

Don’t take last season’s split ends into Autumn and start the new season off with a fresh new Style Cut.

After long hot days spent at the beach or by the pool, your ends are most likely left feeling ultra-dry and brittle. Begin the season by investing in good, healthy trim to freshen up your hair and eliminate any unwanted split ends. Or maybe you are feeling inspired for an Autumn hair chop? Why not opt for a trending Lob Style Cut? 

Check out the HOTTEST Hair Styles trending this season in our recent JUSTICE Journal blog post.


What is the best in-salon and at-home hair treatments post-summer? What products do you recommend? 

Post-summer, an in-salon SHAMPOO WITH RELAXING SCALP MASSAGE is the way to go! 

Getting your scalp massaged during a shampoo is the best thing about visiting the Salon. And not only that, pressure with a relaxing scalp massage during a shampoo stimulates blood flow to nourish the hair follicle and promote healthy hair growth. It also loosens dead skin cells and product build-up from the hair and scalp.

For home, we would highly recommend using a treatment once a week. The JUSTICE Professional Treatment Mask is our fave! 


The cooler temperatures bring about everyday hair care challenges. How do you fight frizz and prevent cold-weather hair damage? 

In cooler temperatures, our hair is exposed to more artificial heat. From the heating we use in our homes and workplaces and from using our blow-dryers more. Therefore, using a heat protector like JUSTICE Professional Argan Oil is essential. 

Our recommendation for fighting frizz in the cooler months is the BEST-SELLING JUSTICE Professional Smooth & Groom, or for curly hair JUSTICE Professional Curl Crème to define curls, fight frizz and boost shine. 


How important is good nutrition for healthy? 

The easiest healthy Autumn hair care tip you can practice that will lead to beautifully hydrated hair is good nutrition. Protein-rich foods like yoghurt, nuts and seeds, eggs, and lean turkey or chicken can help strengthen hair, while foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon can add gloss and shine.

Dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, which contain iron and vitamin C and A, will keep your tresses super strong, and of course, drink lots of water! 

If we build our hair up during the cooler months, it will be stronger, healthier, and more resilient for the next coming summer. Prevention is always better than damage control!

Speak to one of our fully qualified Just Cuts Stylists at your next visit to the Salon who can help customise your hairstyle routine and products so you can ENJOY STRONG, VIBRANT & LUSH HAIR all year round! 

Don't forget to check out our other JUSTICE Journal entries for the latest in hair trends, hair styling, hair health and hair tutorials you can't miss!

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JUSTICE Professional - Loves your hair, kind to Mother Earth.

JUSTICE Professional - Loves your hair, kind to Mother Earth.